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Here you will find everything you would like to know about the Grreeaat captain blueberry and her world. Enjoy and watch out for sea creatures! (because they’re watching out for you).
Captain Blueberry is a mighty French sailor traveling across the oceans of the world, discovering unknown sea monsters and other monstrous dangers. The first book of her adventures was released in May 2014. It is a children’s picture book and it is about Captain Blueberry’s journey around Tasmania discovering the mythical creatures that truly exist. More books are coming soon...
Captain Blueberry Albert The Crows

Captain Blueberry is a mighty sailor who explores the oceans of the world searching for sea monsters and other monstrous creatures. She's quite determined,  strong willed and a bit grumpy in the morning.

She likes smelly cheese, late mornings and weedy sea dragons.

Albert has come along on board and his job is to be on the lookout. His eyesight isn’t so good but there isn’t much to see out there on the open ocean anyway right? Wrong! There are lots of things!

What Albert really likes is a yellow banana with a few dark spots and a nice, gentle curve.

No-one really knows where the crows came from – but they were there right from the start! They made a big nest at the top of the mast on Captain Blueberry’s ship and that’s where they live now.

Rachel Dan Admiral Bolognaise

Rachel was born in France and now lives in the space between Hobart, Tasmania and the monster world. She’s a graphic designer/illustrator by trade and her big love is graphic novels, myths and the legends of old.

Rachel uses her superpowers to help people see the magic and power and beauty that lurks beneath the surface.

check out more of her work:

Daniel is a qualified engineer who is into grammar, spreadsheets, politics and oats. But what he really likes is a warm cup of coffee and a nice book with monsters inside.

Dan helps with writing bits and is good at idea making & bouncing too.

The Admiral Bolognaise has not made his physical appearance in the books yet, but you will meet him soon. He does not believe in Monsters and other silly things like that.

The Admiral also likes exact and precise sciences, like the one of his toad who predicts the forecast every morning.

 fastitocalon lionturtle

Beware of the terrible Fastitocalon, who pretends to be an island so when you land on him, he eats you up. This legendary creature has been haunting the dreams of the sailors of the world for centuries. Very little is known about those monsters, as most people meeting them end up in their stomach.

Weedy Sea Dragon

Weedy Sea Dragons are peaceful and friendly creatures who love to play in kelp forests. People are a bit scared of them because they are so big but they are in fact very gentle.

These are some of the creatures
that the Captain met on her travels.

There are a lot more creatures out there for you to discover! Go explore the world and you might find some!


Krakens are giant squid like creatures who like to eat boats, especially sailing boats, but they don't mind a cruise ship or too. This creature was not discovered by the Captain but she has met one. She named this friendly creature l'Ile du Pouple, which in French means "the Octopus Island".


The Lionturtle was first mentioned in the awesome cartoon "The Last Air Bender", the crew's favorite. They have been spotted around the Tasman Peninsula on several occasions.


The Stoneworms of Tasmania are friendly creatures but their habits are quite unknown yet because no ones has realised that they are monsters! They are good at pretending that they are just big rocks. The Captain is currently studying them.

salamanca market The market (hobart) Moma (mona)

Salamanca Market is based in Hobart, Tasmania. It is on every Saturday from 8:30am til 3pm.


For more info visit Salamanca Market's website.


The Market is designer market based in Hobart, Tasmania. It is on some Sundays.


For more info visit The Market's website.


Moma is Mona's market in Tasmania. It is on every Saturday in summer.


For more info visit Moma's website.


If you want to know if the captain will be at any of these markets, or anywhere else, check out the updates on the blog or Facebook.


Fullers Bookshop Hobart & Launceston

Devonport Bookshop


Ellison Hawker Bookshop

Georgetown Newsagency





Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery

Hobart Bookshop

Sea Life Centre Bicheno

State Cinema Bookshop

Petrarch's Bookshop

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